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Coquette Spring


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  • Totally handmade by a skilled artisan in Montecristi, Ecuador.
  • 100% Organic coconut fiber , this material is known for its quality and durability with proper care.
  • This beautiful rectangular  crossbody bag crocheted has  2 flowers in the center made of coconut fiber that gives it a very special spring touch.
  • It has  2 compartments that close with a zipper.
  • Measures:  Width: 7.5″, Depth :2″ , Length: 30″
  • It is washable, let air dry.
  • The elaboration of each bag  can take up to  2 weeks to completed.
  • Imported.


How to measure

Size guide


1.- Surround your head with a tape measure.

2.- Pass the tape measure through the middle of your forehead and the most prominent part of your head.

3.- Identify your size.




           54-55 cm / 6 ¾- 6 ⅞

Size 4 (XS)

            56-57 cm/ 7 – 7 ⅛

Size 5 (S)

            58-59 cm / 7 ¼ – 7 ⅜

Size 6 (M)

            60-61 cm / 7 ½ – 7 ⅝                                                            

Size 7 (L)

            62-63 cm

Size 8 (XL)


1.- Do not roll or fold the hat.

2.- Do not expose to high temperatures.

3.- Always hold your hat from the brim . Never pinch it by the crown.

4.- If you want to keep your hat for a long time, use the box that was delivered to you and put it in a cool and dry place

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care instructions

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